3157 Type-1 White / Amber Switchback Light Bulbs w/ Resistors, 16-LEDs, 3030 Chip

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Product Spec

- Package Content: 2 x High Power LED Light Bulbs & Decoders
- Light Color: White/Amber switchback (Type 1)
- Compatible with: 3157 Standard Socket
- LED Chip: 3030 (16 chips/bulb)
- 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


Type 1 Switchback

- Daytime Running Light: White
- Turn Signal Light: Alternate between Amber and White

Click here to see how Type 1 Switchback LED Light works



- Cancel Error message cause by OBC (On-Board Computer) Check
- Fix Hyper Flashing on Turning Signal light.
- Reduce the Power on LED light so they can work better
- No cutting or splicing! Just plug & play: simply twist your LED bulb onto the base and twist the other end into your existing bulb socket.
- Compatible with 95% vehicle with CAN-BUS systems including European and domestic vehicles.


More Information
Socket 3157 / 3156
Light Color White & Yellow
Clearance No