7443 7444 7440 Red LED Strobe Flash Safety Brake Tail Light Bulbs (w/ Flash Option)

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This is the high quality and produces super bright LED light bulbs that you've been waiting for so long, and it's producing intense light over a large area. An aggressive, yet clean & stylish LED lights, enhanced the outline, make your car stands out in the crowd.

Advantage: Non-polarity design, compatible for both CK/SRCK and Standard socket.

Product Spec:

- Wattage: 50WATT

- Light color: Red

- Each time the brakes are applied, your brake light will rapidly flash on & off 8 times

- Compatible with: 7443

- 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

About Strobe / Flash Bulbs

- Flashes 8 times for brake light mode and then stay solid

Click here to see how Flash / Strobe LED Bulb works

*** Not for [Brake + Turn Signal] Socket.

More Information
Socket 7443 / 7440
Light Color Red
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