2x T20 3157 50W High Power 1200lm LED White Brake Stop Tail Lights Bulbs

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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION::: When using LED bulbs for turn signal, you will need to use load resistor or decoder set to prevent hyper flash or bulb malfunction.

Product Spec:

The 2835BK series is an extremely efficient SMD LED provides a very good color, the brightest LED chip on the market. Long-lasting, low energy doesn't zap you power supply, faster on/off response time, unique, vivid color, simple to fit. 10 times brighter than 5050 SMD LED.

- Package Content: 2 x LED Light Bulbs

- Wattage: 50W

- Color: 6000K White

- Compatible with: 3157

- 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

More Information
Socket 3157 / 3156
Light Color White
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