Error Free LED Turn Signal| Parking| Reverse| Brake Light Bulbs, CSP 1860 Chip (Red / White / Yellow)

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Product Specification:

Color: 3000K Yellow | 6000K White | Red

Chip Type: CSP-1860

Lumen: 718 lm per bulb (yellow) | 1297 lm per bulb (white) | 403 lm per bulb (red)

Wattage: 30W per bulb

Upgrade your vehicle's lighting with our versatile All-in-One Error Free LED Bulbs. These high-performance bulbs are available in 3000K Yellow, 6000K White, and Red, perfect for turn signals, parking lights, reverse lights, and brake lights. With CSP-1860 chip technology, they provide a remarkable 718 lm (yellow), 1297 lm (white), and 403 lm (red) per bulb while consuming just 30W. The aluminum body and copper core ensure efficient heat dissipation, extending the bulbs' lifespan significantly.

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